From Sorrow’s Cup

I sipped a drink called “Joy” from Sorrow’s cup
and found it bittersweet.
Thirst unquenched, I asked for more,
which kept my spirit incomplete.

Next, I asked if I could sample “Laughter”
and with a smile, he poured the drink
which quickly chilled my weakened veins
and made my weighted spirit sink.

I thought, perhaps instead to try “Despair”
which was unopened on the shelf.
It reminded me of lemon water
and eased a part of my inner self.

I caught the barkeep by surprise
when next, I tasted “Pain”
which was like nectar mixed with honey
and felt like a welcome summer rain.

Emboldened, I demanded “Death”
and watched the liquid pour.
Quenched, my spirit soared above me
as Sorrow’s cup fell to the floor.

One Response to “From Sorrow’s Cup”

  1. Rebecca Toy

    Allan, that was a wonderful poem! I loved the theme, and this was so well crafted – my god, you are an incredible writer!

    [thanks! — Allan]