Upgrading From Kubuntu 11.04 to 11.10

It has always been a bit challenging for me to upgrade Kubuntu since I tend to add programs that are not in the default install.  Often enough, it comes down to giving up an upgrade and just installing anew.  Thankfully, /home is in its own partition so I get to keep my data.

Recently, the upgrade process has been less glitchy but still, I had issues.  The install asked me about a config file which it wanted to overwrite.  No problem, I said, and clicked the option to make it so.  Then the machine stopped responding.  Hey, alright, I thought, no choice but to hit the reset button and face whatever demons await after the reboot.

After rebooting, the machine spun and spun.  I hit ctrl-alt F-something to try and get a command prompt, which I got.  Logged in, tried apt-get update/upgrade and it suggested I do sudo dpkg –configure -a instead.  Doing so made the machine do its thing and continue its installation.  Another reboot and I had upgraded to 11.10.

Now the annoying part: kmail migration is borked.  SERIOUSLY?  Yes, it’s a known issue and yes, there were instructions online on how to manually backup files and re-import them into the new kmail but again, SERIOUSLY?  Someone really decided to release Kubuntu with the main e-mail application upgrade process broken?  This isn’t some obscure app or game that very few people would care about…this is e-mail.

After having gone through the process of doing the manual migration (is migration really the term for upgrading to a new version of the same application?) I had to deal with kwallet to store my e-mail account information.  Now, after I log in with my username and password to get to the desktop, I have to type in another password so kwallet knows that it’s ok for kmail to access my e-mail account information.

In the end, I’ve upgraded.  Everything seems to be working, and I’m hoping that just a little more digging around would help me figure out the extra password entry annoyance.  Rant completed.

One Response to “Upgrading From Kubuntu 11.04 to 11.10”

  1. Ian

    Nepomuck and Akonadi (sp?) My email was trashed. It was most distressing that all my mbox files were not recognized. I switched to Thunderbird., not as good as KMail’s display – Thunderbird will not display HTML in its raw form as text.
    Twelve hours on a quad core and they did not manage to index.
    Let’s use an honest email client that does what users want to do, not have forced actions from militant soyware technicians who have vague ideas instead of what real software engineers have, solid design skills.

    [seems like you had a worse time than I did. Managed to get my kmail migrated over and the password thing is a minor annoyance. Never really gave thunderbird a chance. Evolution was too heavy a client for my liking even though it’s what I started with from my stint running RHAT. As for nepomuk, I think I tried my hardest to turn that thing off — just a personal preference. Thanks for leaving a note. — Allan]