What is a Lagumbay?

Short answer: It’s my last name.

I believe the name itself is derived from “Laguna Bay.”

Lagumbay is a family name with a commonly butchered pronunciation. Interesting variations include:

  • la-GUMBY — After a while, it’s not much of a stretch.
  • la-GUM-bay — Chew on that pronunciation for a while.
  • la-GOOM-bye — Goombas and Koopas and Bowser, oh my!
  • le-joom-BAY — Nobody really uses this one, but I wish they did.
  • la-goom-BYE — The proper pronunciation. Filipino accent optional.

Why Have A Site, You Egomaniac?

Self-expression through a collection of poetry and prose on love, rage, and fear.  Influenced by the seemingly insignificant events of daily life in the Information Age and an upbringing in a traditional Filipino culture, the writing ranges from abstract to analytical, sometimes whimsical, sometimes cynical.

For myself, I keep this introspective collection of written works in the hope that it will help me reminisce, remember, and ultimately understand who I am as I change throughout the years.  For others who browse these pages, it is my hope that you find pieces of yourself in my writing and find the comfort that I sought long ago and far away in knowing you are not alone in your emotions.