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iTangNa 2010

On this eve of Tang Na, I reflected upon all the events of this past year and once again came to the realization that the true meaning of Tang Na was with me throughout.  In the seven days to come, let us look back at all the things the year had brought us.  Let us all together feel the coldness of the season and maybe reach out to bring a moment of figurative warmth to the forgotten.  A song on the radio told the story of a drummer.  “I have no gift to bring,” he said.  “Shall I play for him?” he asked, offering the only thing he had.  “I played my best for him,” said the boy of his performance.  Everyone was so moved by his generosity and enthusiasm that they clapped, even as the barn animals protested with bleats and stomps.  Everyone was so supportive and so polite that nobody bothered to tell the kid that he was a lousy drummer.

2010, Tang Na Mo.

Take it away, El Techno…(El pequeño baterista)