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Dungeons and Dragons Online Vignette — Avast Conspiracy

This was my last stop before Eveningstar. This also marked the last time I travel via the Phiarlan Carnival Cruise Line. While I did pick up some nice armor and lovely cutlery here, I ended up finding better gear when I got to the Forgotten Realms. As the ship was slowly being towed to a port in Alabama, I leisurely started reanimating the food (a nod to the “Delirium” quest) and amidst the ensuing chaos, teleported the heck out of there. Some stranded people have no sense of humor.

Introducing Fred, The Chaos Theory Killer

He loves Hawaiian bread
He drowned Estoceans dead,
He tweets his words to a flock of birds
And he cordially answers to “Fred”

His pet piranha shares the name
And his desire to kill and maim
They talk with pride of genocide
As the path to glorious fame

He had assumed none would survive
yet one Estocean is left alive
Task incomplete, back on his feet
“A quick hit job, I’ll be home by five.”