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The Wedding Anniversary Video Project

After the well-received wedding video I did for Herb and Melissa, I had really wanted to get started on “Video 404” since its soundtrack was being incorporated piece by piece into other videos. I feared that by the time I sat down to undertake the actual task, I would have used up all my favorite songs elsewhere. With the year unfolding as it has, however, I felt that “Video 404” had to be shelved indefinitely lest despair takes a permanent hold of my psyche.

Having disproved to myself that I was incapable of creating a non-comedy (stacking up the negatives in that statement), I thought about creating one for the upcoming wedding anniversary. The initial idea was to update the Valentine’s Day video I did back in 2005 but the technology and file formats of the original project were too different from the tools I use now so recycling was out of the question…almost.

The usual set of brainstorming questions came next with “who is the intended audience” being the easiest to answer. The wedding anniversary video has an intended audience of one – Sarah. Everyone else is unapologetically treated as an innocent bystander.

After two months of deliberation, storyboards, scrolling through pictures in Picasa, shooting additional footage, experiments in Blender 3D, chroma keying, difference maps, particle generators, and anything else I felt the need to throw at it, the video ended up being almost 24 minutes long.

Things of note:

  • The “headlines” in Act I were taken from actual articles with one obvious exception.
  • Having done the segments in order, it was a reflection of my mindset about two months ago when the project was started.
  • The Greek “Omega” is used as the symbol for resistance (the Ohm).
  • The logo for the Rebel Alliance is also a symbol of resistance.
  • According to, Brin d’Amour means “little love”
  • Except for the actual LittleBigPlanet gameplay footage in which Sarah and I played through a couple of levels (poorly, I might add), I was the sole “puppeteer” for the other bits involving Sack Boy and Sack Girl. At one point, a piece of scotch tape held down the L1 button on one controller while I operated the other.
  • A green swimsuit (like what Borat wore in the movie) clashed with the green screen.
  • Act III, which I thought demanded the most creativity from me, was my favorite one.
  • Act IV, which I had the most material for, is the most complex and took the longest to finish.
  • The opening sequence was the last thing done, was originally about 30 seconds shorter, and used a completely different song. I thought the final version worked into the story much better.

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