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Dungeons and Dragons Online Vignette — Eveningstar Redux

My brother sent me an mp3 of something he composed with filename “Pizzicato Waltz 01” as a birthday present and my immediate thought was what would ElTechno do with this? Heck, what would ANY Drow necromancer enjoy doing in ungrateful Drow-hating Eveningstar? Here you go:

Dungeons and Dragons Online Vignette — ElTechno Dance Club

The Guild of Estoceans had earned enough renown and platinum within the realm to afford their very first guild airship. Though by no means as luxurious as the ships flown by higher-level guilds, it still gave El Techno’s friends a more convenient mode of transportation. Not everyone was as cool as El Techno with his teleport spell and all.

To celebrate, El Techno found himself a photographer as he reminisced through his early days in and around Korthos Village and Stormreach Harbor. Afterwards, he commissioned a dance video featuring his guild members and the beats he himself came up with, “El Ritmo de El Techno”