Remember, were laughing WITH you

Thanks to the people that were a part of to the wedding. We had a great time and hope you did too.

For those that don’t already know, we have quite a few pictures from the wedding. Check them out at the Flipbook Index section of the site.

The Wedding — Behind The Scenes

Wedding Invitation — The Original Text

I reckon y’all be important so yer invited!!!

Me an mah woman, we gettin hitched.
We goan have turkey wit mashin taters an gravy
an maybe some punch an pie fer dessert.
Y’all should come, ya?

Just Are-Ess-Vee-Pee on the back of this here napkin
an send it right on over.
We lookin’ fo’ward to party wijall.

Mad Props an Shout Outs Deleted From Wedding Program:

  • Sprynet, Verizon, Earthlink — for connectivity through the years
  • Blizzard North, Jeopardy, Acrophobia, Rummy, Hoyle, etc. — for the countless hours of conversational pieces
  • Netmeeting, AIM, mIRC, pIRCh, GAIM, Pow Wow — for communication spanning many miles
  • Southwest Airlines — for making this long distance relationship easier to bridge
  • The Southwest Museum, Casa Grande, Out of Africa — for pictures, memories, and the fun of being lost on a road trip
  • Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain — because mountain climbing should be this fun
  • The Huntington Library, The Long Beach Aquarium — for making it possible to pretend we are more cultured than we really are.
  • All y’all playa haterz out there who gots to be dissin’ — it don’t gots to be like dat, foo!

Actual Wedding Speech

As a great speech writer once advised, I wrote this down in case I got nervous and forgot what I was going to say.

I would like to welcome all of you and thank you for coming to this celebration. Because this is a multi-cultural crowd, and because I am technically bilingual — this is for the Filipinos among you: I wood like to welkam oll op yoo and tenk you por kaming to dis selebrayshon. (did I say that right?)

We do appreciate the fact that you took the time to be here with us as we begin our life together. Your presence means a great deal to us.

Acknowledge/Thank God
We thank God, of course, for all the wonderful things He has done in our lives. Especially for finding a way for Sarah and I to somehow meet each other. Nobody would have thought then that seven years or so later, we would be here now. Well, I am sure God knew.

Acknowledge/Thank Sarah
I personally thank Sarah for handling the stress of planning, making phone calls, and having more patience than most mere mortals I know. We have a long journey ahead of us and there is nobody else I would rather have with me on that journey but you.

Acknowledge/Thank Families
Thank you to both our families — as we become one family now. We thank our parents for helping define who we are today. If it weren’t for their genetic material, we would not be here. On my side of the family, many thanks for your understanding, support, and love — you probably don’t hear it enough so I’ll say it here: I love all of you.

On Sarah’s side of the family, I obviously don’t know you as well as I know my side. I know that you are a great group of people — and I will always remember having Thanksgiving dinner with you because those were some of the best laughs I have ever had.

Acknowledge/Thank Wedding Party
On to the wedding party — we are honored by the fact that you are here.

I likes to give a shout out to my homeys ’round da way — my best man DB Rengers, My man JJ and Heavy D, and my cuz Twiggy Abeleda. Word up, yo!

Acknowledge/Thank Friends
When someone mentioned the tradition of having wedding sponsors, Sarah and I were not sure how to handle it. After much thought and prayer, we came up with the ones we have today —

Harry — you’ve been a family friend for longer than I have been around. You are a true symbol of what friendship is about. I am honored by your presence.

Isabel and Bert — we admire how passionate you are about life. Then there’s the great Jedi Master whom I can finally quote as having said “Today is a good day.” Bert, today I agree.

Dr. Domingo — for your dedication to the church and to your wife. We admire your faith, your example of devotion, and your strength. Thank you for being here.

For everyone who has helped make this celebration possible by helping out, by being here, or by helping shape our lives in one form or another — Thank you.